A girl on Zagreb’s iconic, earthquake-damaged roofs. She wears a face mask and a blue helmet. Only her eyes can be seen. A young man standing on beams confidently. The beams are worn out, but his face shows no fear.

Roof repairs in the city center and a ball that ended up on the roof by accident (© Boris Kovačev)
The Croatian Army and the Bad Blue Boys cleaning the Ilica Street together (© Damjan Tadić)
The Red Cross distributing food at Zrinjevac to citizens, workers and soldiers (© Marko Todorov)
Mountain climbers and alpinists, high-rise workers, about thirty of them, taking down fallen chimneys in the city center. Volunteering. A man standing on worn-out beams, showing no fear (© Neja Markičević)

Army staff cleaning the city streets, unperturbed by the dust raised by the excavators. Firefighters on one of the damaged roofs, while the face of a worried old man peers out from behind a window…

The removal of a dome from the top of a damaged building in Frankopanska Street, captured in perfect composition (© Ronald Goršić)

Moments of humanity, captured. There are many heroes of the streets, those who rushed to help their neighbors as much as they could, as well as many professionals in various fields who offered even more with their expertise. An example: a few hours after the earthquake, a number of construction business owners contacted the Emergency Management Office, offering free help, making themselves available and ready to assist wherever needed. They helped bring down from the roofs everything that was in danger from falling – chimneys, roof tiles, rain gutters – all those things that could have hurt people. It is no exaggeration to say that they saved lives in doing so. Otherwise competitors, they worked together in those moments of solidarity. As volunteers, each and every one of them. They reacted quickly, gathering through social networks.

Zagreb Holding workers clearing the streets of debris fallen from the buildings affected by the earthquake, their faces showing fatigue (© Damjan Tadić)
On Zagreb's main square, above Ban Jelačić's mustache, workers are helping with repairs after the earthquake (© Damjan Tadić)
A moment captured in Berislavićeva Street – cleaning, removing shards from a roof (© Damjan Tadić)
Tireless firefighters worked day and night to repair the damage done by the earthquake. This scene was captured in Žerjavićeva Street (© Damjan Tadić)
A girl wearing a blue helmet and a protective face mask, only her eyes showing, on one of the collapsed roofs (© Neja Markičević)

Alpinists, sport climbers, speleologists also responded in numbers, joining the teams of high-rise workers. Firefighters, the military, civil service staff, the Bad Blue Boys, all those citizens who helped selflessly, and there were many of them, so many that there was no time to capture their efforts on camera, deserve a huge, capital


High-rise workers, climbers and alpinists helped to take down the collapsed chimneys in the city center. It is no exaggeration to say that they saved lives in doing so (© Neja Markičević)

They showed Zagreb in its best light.

Life in the center of Zagreb captured five days after the earthquake and during the coronavirus pandemic. In Frankopanska Street, workers and firefighters repairing a roof structure, a flag flying in the foreground (© Damjan Tadić)
Firefighters, alpinists and civil protection helping to repair the earthquake damage. This vibrant photo was taken in front of St. Mark's Church (© Damjan Tadić)
At Petretić Square, next to Vlaška Street, firefighters are removing a damaged chimney from the roof of a house hit by the earthquake (© Goran Mehkek)
As the firefighters are helping with the post-earthquake repairs, an elderly man peers out curiously from behind a window at the roof of the house (© Damjan Tadić)
A house where the Bad Blue Boys had arrived to help the tenants. The photo was taken in Gornja Dubrava, which was one of the epicenters of the earthquake (© Ranko Šuvar)
Croatian Army staff clearing Radićeva Street (© Goran Mehkek)