A lady on a park bench and her two equally frightened dogs under yellow blankets (© Bruno Konjević)
Not only people – animals were scared, too (© Neja Markičević)
Citizens passing a large piece of facade that fell in the middle of the street, as if trying not to even look at it. It is sad to think what would have happened had someone been walking on that part of the street at the moment of the earthquake (© Boris Kovačev)

Virtually on the same spot, our photographers took a picture of a young woman, fear in her eyes clearly showing behind the glasses. The faces of the earthquake are also those of new mothers in Petrova Street, covered by blankets on that, as we all remember, very chilly day. Those are the faces of the passers-by on Zagreb streets after the earthquake, trying not to look at the huge capital of a column in the middle of the road and trying not to imagine what would have happened if someone had been walking on the street at the exact moment when it fell. Or the faces of people skipping over the bricks in the middle of the tram tracks in the city’s center.

The people of Zagreb were in disbelief at what happened to the city on that day, 22 March (© Boris Kovačev)
Citizens gathered on Svačić Square immediately after the earthquake. Even though most wear masks, their concern is clearly visible. A baby in a stroller and their pets are with them as well (© Boris Kovačev)
Evacuation of new mothers in Petrova Street. The women are under blankets and wearing masks, some of them answering the calls of worried families and friends (© Goran Mehkek)
The scenes we all remember: new mothers in front of the Petrova hospital, some of them in slippers (© Ranko Šuvar)
It is easy to see how many years of closeness are behind the couple in the photo. In the background, a little more talkative man and woman (© Ranko Šuvar)

It is a face of Zagreb that we, who experienced the earthquake, will remember for the rest of our lives, and these photos, taken on the spot with the perfect instinct of experienced photojournalists, will enable the coming generations to remember it as well. Just like we visualize the 1880 earthquake today through the photographs signed by Ivan Standl, one of Zagreb’s first photographers, but also through the sentence of writer August Šenoa: “Never have I seen a more horrible image, never have I sensed deeper sorrow in my lifetime.”

One of the most striking scenes shot after the earthquake: a woman in a wheelchair, her head bent under the hood, holding a French bulldog (© Damjan Tadić)
Even behind the glasses and mask, the woman's fear is easy to tell. Street art can be seen in the background, on one of buildings in Đorđićeva Street (© Damjan Tadić)
It was chilly that day, we all remember. At Zrinjevac, a lady in company was photographed, covered by blankets, walking with difficulty, leaning on her stick (© Ronald Goršić)
Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić, Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić (© Ronald Goršić)